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KIN is an Anglo/Dutch quartet based in Groningen. They frame shimmering, orchestral guitars and warm vocals with driving beats and bass, animated by noisy trip-hop and post-rock to shape expansive and hypnotic songs that tread a line between the concrete and the spectral.


KIN began as the solo moniker of Kim R. Foster in Manchester (UK), where the album, ‘Flickering’ was produced in 2011. Soon after, she moved to Groningen and with members of local bands, Vox Von Braun and The Swains, produced the intimately cerebral, ‘found-sound’ e.p. ‘SOON’; a home recorded trip initially inspired by the temporary closure of the band’s rehearsal space in the Summer of 2012 that developed into a demonstration of a collective love of using simplistic noises to make something more complex. The songs feature the domestic sounds of scissors opening and closing, a washing machine reaching the end of its spin cycle and what sounds like an air raid siren. Through its process, KIN shrugged off the ‘solo project’ header and established themselves as a band.


Onstage, KIN guide audiences through an ethereal and engaging experience. Altogether mesmerising, limb-jerking, visceral and warm.


KIN have been featured on the UK radio station BBC6 MUSIC; have supported The Fall; performed as part of Eurosonic Festival  and were a welcome addition to the Popronde 2015 line-up.


Guitarist and bassist, Maike Doornebosch also works with Groningen band, Vox Von Braun who have released two albums with Sub-Routine Records; toured with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and have appeared on DWDD and 3FM at Noorderslag.


The British incarnation of KIN boasted Simon ‘Ding’ Archer as one of its members, who has toured playing bass with PJ Harvey, Frank Black and The Fall. He also played on The Pixies 2014 album, ‘Indie Cindy’.  


Keeping it in the family, Simon is still involved in KIN, having engineered and co-produced both the 2012 album ‘Flickering’ and the 2015 album, ‘SLOWTV’.  


‘SLOWTV’ was recorded in five days in Manchester (UK) in the Autumn of 2014 and was released in September 2015.


E.p. DUMB SHOCK CINEMATIC is the result of 2 months writing and 4 days recording between February and April 2016. It was released on limited edition, hand numbered pink cassettes in October 2016.




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KIN are …


Kim R. Foster (vocal/guitar/bass)

Jouke van der Krieke (vocal/guitar/bass)

Maike Doornebosch (bass/guitar)

Peter Blokzijl (Drums/Drum Pads)


Photo by Daphne Nankman

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